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Want Change? Vote Change!

May 9, 2009

I wanted to keep my posts light for at least two days, but with the fifth phase of the elections coming up in five days, I could not wait that long. So here goes.

I make no secret of the fact that I am against the government at the centre. And with the Media literally running the campaign for the Congress, it is only up to the bloggers(and writers in those sections of the Media which go largely unnoticed) to keep things neutral, or in favour of the opposition parties. So here I am, a dutiful blogger, giving my take on the elections, and why I feel that the Congress-lead UPA government must be ousted from power and supplanted by a better alliance. I say better, and not perfect. I would like to clarify that at the very start.

The Media wishes that all of us look at the Gujarat riots in the same light as we look at Hitler’s pogrom of the Jews. Having done my homework on the issue, I discovered that though over 800 Muslims were killed in the riots, about 300 Hindus were killed as well. According to official figures quoted by the Indian government, 790 Muslims and 254 Hindus were killed. Though the official figures vary from the actual numbers, it still indicates something significant. The Media calls it as Modi’s pogrom of the Muslims. Yes, there was a huge number of Muslims who were killed, and the whole episode is very unfortunate, but I beg to differ with the Media. Though the number of Muslims killed was much higher, it would be wrong to say that they were the lone target, as the number of Hindus killed is significant as well. However, what annoys me further is the whole communal angle to it. Why does the Media have to keep giving it a communal twist? So what if some politicians talk about it? They are irresponsible. Does the Media have to be irresponsible as well?

The Godhra issue is called a pogrom, but the Sikh killing is not spoken about in that light. In that, over 3500 Sikhs were Killed in Delhi and Punjab. And it is said that almost 10,000 Sikhs were killed from Punjab to Karnataka! Sikhs alone! And that too, it was BY the government. How is that justified, and why and how did the prime accused go scott-free? Why is Quattrochi’s name off the “wanted” list of the CBI now, though it is obvious that he was involved in the Bofors case?

The Congress now blames the BJP for the Khandahar hijack “disaster,” when it was very much a part of the all-party meet which supported the same move! What did the Congress want instead, even if it did not raise the point? The death of 178 passengers and 11 crew on the plane? Wasn’t the death of Rupin Katyal, and the threat to the life of all other passengers and crew members enough? But no, the Congress and the Media now blame the NDA government for not having handled the issue effectively.

I am not saying that the issue was perfectly handled. The Israeli government offered to handle the hijackers, but the Indian government refused. The Israelis could have done an amazing job, but that might have ended up causing a lot of international tension. So well, though it was not a very happy ending, I feel that the NDA surely did better than what the UPA would have done.

The Mumbai attack was a serious blow. Though I strongly believe that nothin could have crushed such a well planned attack, not even an able government at the centre, I do believe that the Media could have been more responsible. People did NOT want Barkha Dutt to keep asking the relatives of those who were stuck inside the hotels if they were sure that their loved one was okay and if they were praying hard. Everyone can understand what is going through the minds of the relatives. There is NO need to keep asking them “what is going through your mind right now? Do you think your husband/wife/son/daughter is safe? Have you heard anything for the past few hours? What do you think is happening inside? What would be your message for them if they are watching?”

On the same issue, the parties could have kept the politics out of the terror strike, but that was not to be. Yes, the UPA government could have taken steps to strengthen the country’s forces. But one cannot expect the world in battling terrorism from a government which repealed POTA(Prevention of Terrorist Activities Act). So yeah, that is the sad state of the government and the Media, when it comes to handling the large scale killings that occured(or might have occured, in the case of the Kandahar episode).

The fifth phase of elections is on the 13th. This is not going to be my last post on politics before the 13th. I know which party to vote for. I would only request others to try and look beyond the half-baked truths that the Media is propagating before casting your votes. That will cause a huge change. Because that is what the country needs. A change.

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  1. May 9, 2009 8:34 AM

    Good analysis. I’d agree with most of what you’ve said here.
    There is no doubt that what happened in Godhra was a tragedy, but i believe that Modi wasn’t guilty of carrying out a pogrom against muslims. Rather, he played Nero while Gujrat was burning.
    The media’s actions in the Mumbai attack were nothing short of stupid. Here the black cats are, trying to get into tactical positions and the idiot news channels were giving a live feed of their every move for every half-ass terrorist outfit with a television set to see!
    The congress revoked POTA on the grounds that it was being used by the government for political agendas. And the minute they bring it back into operation(word for word copied from the old POTA,now hailed as the new avatar,UAPA) its being used against opposition party politicians again! Bloody hypocrites!
    The choice between parties this time is like the devil and the deep sea. But i’d rather support a devil which can kick the deep sea’s ass at infrastructure development and stronger anti terror policies!

  2. aniramzee permalink
    May 9, 2009 9:59 AM

    I also get pissed off when people say the Congress is secular. Doesn’t anyone remember that Manmohan Singh said “Muslims have the first right to resources in India.”? How is that secular? The Congress openly appeases minorities in the name of secularism. All just a sham I say. I’d rather vote for a perty which is in-your-face and open about their ideals.
    Oh yeah and did I mention the UPA polluted the IITs and IIMs with theis reservation schemes?

  3. May 9, 2009 5:43 PM

    I’m listening to Kangal Irandal here frustrated by semi-intellectual polical analyst blogs everywhere. BTB I’m seriously pissed by your bro who is talking about politics even when he is inside the bathroom and I’m peacefully sleeping in his room. Now, coming to the post I know you guys have quite a similarity in your DNA helix patterns and stuff, but never knew you use the same phrase for the same issue with the same mindset and a same hierarchy. Anyways, that is a good post (Did I say good? I should have used a good short post instead) :applause:

    //Media literally running the campaign for the Congress//
    Naansans. I queued up Mariyaadhai for download. Captain will save our souls from damnation.

    //The Media calls it as Modi’s pogrom of the Muslims//
    Whatever, he is my choice for India’s PM though I chant 49-O.

    //I feel that the NDA surely did better than what the UPA would have done//
    In every other issue as well. Flame alert: Including the burning issue in TN and beyond.

    //Anirudh Ganapathy said:
    Bloody hypocrites!//
    Could have been more impolite (Most, if possible). Use words from For further assistance visit Wikipedia’s official page for ‘Madras Baashai’.

    //Oh yeah and did I mention the UPA polluted the IITs and IIMs with theis reservation schemes?//
    Totally disagree. I rather am FOR IT. So ‘Polluted’ is a word from someone’s mouth about whom I prefer to keep my arse shut. This actually is the CPI(M)’s installment, who are supposedly a part of the Ninety ninth front.

    //This is not going to be my last post on politics before the 13th//
    Expecting a post with censored beep words. Please do the needful. Someone scold the old man in Dravida M kazhagam. (M stands for a pious word in tamil which refers to a person who is involved in uprooting epidermal derivatives)

    Tip: Use quickpress for efficient blogging along the lines of twitter’s extended editions! (Thanks for reducing the size right away)

  4. kiran4189 permalink
    May 9, 2009 7:34 PM

    does it mean being secular is to neglect hindus? .iam from kerala ,which is supposed to be this cent percent literate state where secularism thrives.but actually both congress and cpm that takes turns to rule the state cares less about the majority.congress is dominated by Christians from the south who use their power and money to make their way.the church is the dominant force in the education sector .one of their partners is the Muslim league from the north which is hard line at its core but puts a secular mask.cpm on the other hand is behind pdp whose leader was arrested in a plot to assassinate l.k advani.

  5. Adi permalink*
    May 9, 2009 8:49 PM

    Firstly, Venkatesh, thanks for the appreciation, and also for sharing your views on the issues that this post addresses. Glad to see you here on a regular basis. Wish I could return the favour, but I suck at the literary forms of Tamizh. I can’t read properly, and I sure can’t write for nuts. So Yeah, sorry that I can’t follow your blog. I hear you are doing extremely well, though. Keep up the good work. 🙂

    “Captain will save our souls from damnation. ”

    Hahaha! Like he does in all his movies? LOL! Indeed indeed! 😛 He sure is better than the Dravida M Kazhagam, or the ADMK, though. As in, surely not corrupt or dirty like the other two. At least, not just yet.

    “Whatever, he is my choice for India’s PM though I chant 49-O.”

    Stop chanting 49-O. I don’t think the option is available. And even if it is, not more than 10 people must be exercising it in each constituency of several tens of thousands of voters.

    “In every other issue as well. Flame alert: Including the burning issue in TN and beyond. ”

    I must agree with you there. However, I am addressing one issue at a time. Terror and bloodshed this time. Other issues will be handled in my future posts. The posts will all be similar nevertheless. 😛

    “Totally disagree. I rather am FOR IT.”

    I am not against reservations, but I am against reservations based on caste. Nothing but a political move to increase the vote banks amongst the “minorities” and increase the divide between the “castes and religions” that has been created over the years. Economic factors should be the ground for reservations. Not castes. Difficult to implement, but not impossible.

    “This actually is the CPI(M)’s installment, who are supposedly a part of the Ninety ninth front.”

    The CPI(M) did fight for it. As did other parties across the state. However, it was the UPA government at the centre which ultimately passed the bill. Nothing could have occurred without their support. So the government gets the blame. Besides, I have seen posters(on the way to the airport) in Chennai when Mayawathi, Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi had visited(at various times over the past few months) thanking them for the introduction of reservations in IITs and IIMs. So there is the hand of the UPA government as well.

    “Expecting a post with censored beep words. Please do the needful. Someone scold the old man in Dravida M kazhagam.”

    Hahaha! I have heard some friends telling me that I might need to tone things down a bit. So not using beep words at the moment. 😛 As for the old man, I know for a fact that most people, if not all that I meet, are scolding him these days. You can join the party as well. 😛

    “M stands for a pious word in tamil which refers to a person who is involved in uprooting epidermal derivatives”

    HAHAHAHAHA! Awesome!

    @Kiran. Thanks a lot for your comment. I understand your concern on the “secularism” issue. My feelings are no different. It seems that using the word “Hindu” or “Hindutwa”(a word which doesn’t even exist) in good light is being communal. A rather sad state indeed. All credits to the Media for portraying things that way. Being secular should mean that all religions are treated equally. If you asked me, I would say that religion should not be spoken of at all, in order to halve the drama. Double standards are obvious and nothing is being done to stop that.

    As for the situation in Kerala, I am aware of the basics. Yes, the Congress and Communists have most support coming from the religious sections and the minorities. The use of money is obvious, and yet a blind eye is turned towards it. It is rather unfortunate. The criminal activities are also well known, but the L. K. Advani- assassination plot is something that the Media seems to have forgotten about, and wishes the rest of the country to forget too. Double standards, there again. That is the way things work at the moment. If we want a change, we need to work towards it. Just talking about it is of no use.

    Once again, thanks for your comment. I really do appreciate it. Do visit this space often. 🙂

  6. gopal permalink
    May 10, 2009 12:12 AM

    2 me, da gov ‘s shameful attempts 2 gather more allies is hilarious. now dey r suckin up 2 nitish wen his sworn en enemies lalu nd paswan ralready allied 2 da gov .da best part is now even da left r not rulin out givin support .cong will do anytin for power. oh yea cash for votes any1? it’s unfortunate dat many parties do not ally demselves wit da bjp coz dey fear dat dey will b bfanded communal.still it willb fun 2 get rid of adummy pm whose only real achieve ment was da nuclear deal whiach oh yea no1 talks abt btw no hard feelings for my previous comments -dey were just fora few laughs

  7. Adi permalink*
    May 10, 2009 12:43 AM

    Hahaha! True, Gopal. The formation of alliances, the promises, the war of words and the stabs on the back are all really amusing. And not surprisingly, they are happening only on the UPA front. In their desperation to get support, the UPA is even willing to risk calling sworn enemies as their allies. Not just that, it will even try and befriend parties like DMK and ADMK at the same time if it could manage that. As for the NDA front, like you said, no one is willing to make any commitments towards the BJP, at least, not just yet, because they will be tagged as being communal. Things are amusing as ever. I have a feeling that the BJP might get the support of some parties post-elections. It makes sense for some parties to do that as they will not be jeopardizing their vote count in areas which are sensitive to the “communal” issue. My only hope is that the BJP does get a lot of support from sensible allies at that time. Will have to wait and watch how things go.

  8. Adi permalink*
    May 10, 2009 12:44 AM

    Oh! As for your (funny) comments, all cool. I sure did not take them to heart. Kept the discussion going. So not an issue at all. 🙂

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