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Climate Change: Stop it NOW!

May 18, 2009

A friend of mine has entered a YouTube ad competition. The objective was to make a 30-60 second long ad on climate change/global warming, within a 48-hour period. She set out to make this ad on the first day, and realised after a whole day of shooting that there was a technical problem with the camera, and all that what she had shot all day had been lost. So once again she set out to shoot the whole thing on the second day, with less than 24 hours to make the complete ad. She did quite a good job, I feel. It is not easy to shoot the whole thing, record the sounds, do the editing and then incorporate the competition requirements, all in less than a day. I must say that I would be very proud if it were my work.

Please do check out the video here. And do rate it too.

Anyway, are you hydrophobic by any chance? Is drowning your worst nightmare?

Or instead, do you love swimming? While having an awesome time in the pool have you ever wished that it would last forever?

Well, your worst nightmare, or the dream that you craved for, might just come true if things go on this way. Well, not immediately, but in the course of the next few decades. If you are the hydrophobic type, you will drown in the water which will leave you no place to stay in. And if you are one of those who love water, well, you will stop loving it, as all around you, you will have nothing but polluted sea water. And you will have no place to swim to. You can swim all you want then. Till you decide to drown yourself. And trust me, you WILL want to drown yourself then.

Over the past decade, each year has figured in the “top 25 warmest years of all time.” Now for those of you who want to get a slight tan, this might sound encouraging. But it is not. According to the NRDC, “Hot, dry weather led to a record-setting 2006 wildland fire season with close to 100,000 fires reported and nearly 10 million acres burned, 125 percent above the decade’s average.” Now why would you be bothered about the burning wildlands, right? WRONG! You NEED to be bothered about the burning wildlands. YOU need to realise that this is a dangerous trend. And YOU need to do your bit to stop this from happening.

Another interesting point that I noticed was this: “scientists reported that some polar bears are drowning because they have to swim longer distances to reach ice floes – they’re now being considered for listing under the Endangered Species Act.” And you thought YOU could swim all you wanted and have fun? Polar bears are becoming extinct because they can’t swim long enough to survive. How can we humans? And no Noah’s Ark will save people then. Because the Ark is supposed to keep people safe while the deluge lasts. Not forever!

“Greenland holds 10 percent of the total global ice mass. If it melts, sea levels could increase by up to 21 feet.”

Now how bad could 21 feet be? You live in a high-rise apartment complex and should be safe, right? Wrong again! Your entire country will be under water! You might live 200 feet above the ground, but if you are hungry, the pizza delivery boy is not going to take a flight before he knocks on your window! You will die either of starvation, or while trying to take a dive from your window to have a nice swim.

As my friend Fathima very rightly put it, “above the terrorist threats and epidemics hangs a Bigger Damocles Sword – Climate Change.” Yes, that is very true, however absurd it might sound to you right now.

So what can we do? I would obviously not say cliched stuff like “stop using air-conditioners, stop driving vehicles, use only alternative sources of power, conserve power, stop celebrating Diwali, etc..” I don’t agree with some of those cliched “ways of stopping global warming” myself. I remember having heard a joke ages ago about taking bath with the neighbour’s daughter in order to conserve water. Now come to think of it logically. Would that not mean spending more time in the shower? More time in the shower = more water consumed = makes no sense. Wouldn’t a quick 5 minute shower, all by yourself, do the trick instead? Perverted minds do no good. Are you listening, kids? 😛

Car pooling is a very sensible way of battling fuel consumption. I have seen that it works. And many organisations encourage car pooling. Considering the fact that it is not not uncommon in Chennai itself, I am sure that the rest of the world knows about it. I feel it makes a lot of sense. Besides, you don’t have to drive all by yourself to work/school each day.

Use air-conditioners, but make sure that you don’t have them on all the time for no reason. The increase in temperature(if you did not know, air-conditioners make you room cool, but everything outside it hot, Dumbo!) is killing people the world over! Come to think of it, people are dying due to heat waves! I have read articles about people in the UK dying because of temperatures of 28 and 30 degrees Celcius! Okay, so what if that is the temperature that we have in Chennai during winters? So what if people in Africa would love their lives if they had temperatures as less as 28 degree Celcius, people in the UK still die! Okay, people in the rest of the world are dying of heatwaves too. Only, at temperatures of 40-50 degrees Celcius or more. But there are still deaths. MANY of them!

Anyway, my point is, the effects of global warming are obvious to us. The change for the worse is gradual, because nature fights such changes. But nature is fighting a losing battle. And we are the ones responsible for most of it. And if things need to change, we need to do our bit too. I know that this part sounds very cliched, but though people around the world keep saying this time and again, there is little that is being done about it. I know that there is a LOT that I am not doing myself. I need to work harder. But it will be easier if you lend a helping hand as well. Together, WE can make a greater difference.

Now stop giving me weird looks and calling me a freak of nature! Go check out Fathima’s ad on youtube and rate it as well. (Pssst! Give it a 5! :P) Please do post your comments on the ad there. You will have to sign up on YouTube if you are not already a member there. Please do sign up if you haven’t already. She needs your encouragement in the form of hits and comments in just as my blog does. So post your views on this issue here too, please.

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  1. gopal permalink
    May 19, 2009 12:37 AM

    Stop climate chanfe? sure , but first all da policy makers should take a stand -india nd chiba refuse2 take any responsibilty nd half da ppl in planet live in these 2 countries . u also hav 2 look at da bigger pic – our population increases , resources r stretched nd our environment is being destroyed with no real solutions in sight.most of da forests r eithe r becoming smalker in size or vanish.Governments worlwide shouldcome 2gether nd act responsibly nd sensibly all dis is cliched i know – but governments really hold da key

    • Adi permalink*
      May 21, 2009 3:14 AM

      Well, yeah, what you say is right. There are “efforts” from several governments, but obviously, not enough. Everything that each government does in this regard is opposed by some section or the other. The international standards set by the UN are not followed in most countries. What you say is right, governments do hold the key. But we can play our roles as individuals as well. I admit that I don’t do half as much as I can, but I do try whenever I can. If everyone did their bit, things would be different. Very different.

      And Gopal, I have no idea why, but your comments keep going to spam each day. I realise that only a day or two later when I check the spam folder. Have to rescue your comments then. Sorry for not responding earlier. Blame the stupid spam filters for this.

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