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Spam, Perverts, Pinkies, Bans, “BRING BACK” Groups: Facebook

May 22, 2009

“Warning: Your Facebook Account

Facebook to me


Our systems indicate that you’ve been misusing certain features on the site.  This email serves as a warning.  Misuse of Facebook’s features or violating Facebook’s terms of use may result in your account being disabled.  Thanks in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

If you have any questions, please contact from your login email address.

The Facebook Team”

That is the mail which I happened to notice in my gmail inbox yesterday. A very sad moment indeed. A day before I got that mail, I had got the “pinky” while accessing my Facebook inbox. For those of you who are not familiar with  Facebook’s “pinky,” it is the warning that you get when you are accused of suspicious activity by facebook and it asks you to “slow down.” Some of us active members of Facebook call it the “pinky” because it has a pink background and though pink is a very harmless colour, that warning is enough to stop any FB member dead on his/her tracks.

So why do people get pinkies on FB? Well, from what I have seen, these are the most common reasons:

1. Sending too many messages to people/FB groups.

2. Writing on the walls of way too many people/writing too much on a few people’s walls.

3. Excessive picture comments.

4. Posting too many links too often on your status message(Maybe this did me in).

5. Getting reported by other members for illegal activities.

There might be other reasons, but these are the common ones which I have noticed. So yeah, over the past 2 weeks, I have noticed a few friends getting blocked, and a lot many more friends getting pinkies. It is just plain sad. From what we hear, FB authorities are being very strict for a while now because of some phishing scam that Facebook is now being threatened by. You can find more details about the phishing scam here.

What I find unfair about this whole thing is that many of us active FB users, who are very active on a few applications and groups, are the ones who are most affected by such stupid attempts at sabotaging FB and its users’ accounts. Here is an example of the kind of “suspicious” conversations people have.

Person 1:
back in da house after long time

Person 2:

Person 3:
p0o !

Person 4:

Person 3:
u scared us 0ff uncle picchu!

Person 5:
CF with JAYCHOU Lifted.

Person 6:

Person 5:
End page for nuzri.

Now just how harmful/suspicious do you think those conversations are? For one, they don’t even make any sense! And FB disables people for saying stuff like that to each other all the time! Here is another example:

> Bom Boom

>damn i juz notice d title :/

> Damm
I just noticed that u are here\

> Is he good, Raj ? :p

> is he a she

> Dunno man, you tell us. “it” is giving you the blow, check check.

> who is giving chris a blow? ;O

> ?

> Som1 freaky is justgonna give

> ? :S

> lol confused again.. :p

> Good confussing will make u concertrate at this message more

> haha, yea thats true lol

> We Jump, We Explode, We Sak. While Izzy gives Raj a blow. :o/

> why dont u give chris a blow? :p

> -___-”

Very suspicious indeed! 😛

So we choose to have some fun, but FB decides to block people who are having fun with the excuse that people are indulging in “suspicious and illegal acivities, and maybe misusing the features of Facebook!”

One of our beloved and perverted(! :P) friends got disabled less than two days ago. There are people screaming their throats hoarse asking FB to return his account. And this is just one of the many occurances. I just checked the number of group invites that I have on FB. Of the 73 group invites that I now have, 42 are “GET BACK someone!” groups. And barring 2-3 of them, almost all of them deserve to be brought back. Yes, there are some freaks who use several fake profiles in FB in order to use them all in applications and make some fake cash, but that is not the case with most people who get blocked.

The worst part is when you get blocked/disabled without any warning. Like in the case of our dear perverted friend, Dakshitha. Agreed that he is a noob in every sense, but he still does not deserve to have his account taken away from him. Some posts from the wall of the “Bring Back Dakshitha Gunasekara” group:

Sanjay Ramanathan wrote
at 9:48am yesterday
Get Dakshita Back on Facebook NOW!!!
He’s a Wonderful Person!!
I’m sure He did not possess any Drugs, or the Weapons of Mass destruction!!! 😉

Dwayne J Beckles (Barbados) wrote
at 9:46am yesterday
no more pervert??

Shankaranarayanan Pichumani wrote
at 12:37am yesterday
stop the ass whipping give his butt back to him. v need our pervy perverson

Samuel Tan wrote
at 9:06pm on May 20th, 2009
Told you not to distribute porn in fb. u see!! Bring him back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[In his defence, he did not distribute porn. He just watched too much, but not on FB. :P]

Kristin Jacobs Leis wrote
at 7:29pm on May 20th, 2009
BRING BACK THE PORN KING!!!! LOL jk…please bring back respectable Dash…hmmm just bring back Dash please!!!!!

So yeah, this is the kind of stuff that goes on on a daily basis. Respectable (er, okay, I take that back) people keep getting blocked/disabled on a daily basis and some never get it back. There are even cases where some have had to create over 7 or 8 accounts as FB is totally in love with their accounts and keeps snatching the accounts on a weekly/monthly basis.

I have no idea what the point of this blog is. If you do, and have something to say in this regard, please use the comments section. 😛

Oh! Actually, I think I DO know the point. Freaks in Facebook, if you are reading this, STOP disabling people’s accounts for no joy! You SAK! Yes, SAK!

3 Comments leave one →
  1. Adi's Twinnie ! permalink
    May 22, 2009 11:11 PM

    I agreeeeeeeeee lyk a 101% !!!!
    Stop disabling ppl wh0 are just there for the fun of it. .
    we’re not doing anything wrong even =\
    I mean. .it’s a medium f0r communication for heaven sake!
    U cant be disabling ppl for being over communicative innit =p
    Never experienced such ting in other applications like friendster, MySpace n stuff..It only happens in FB !!
    & it sAks . .TOTALLY!

    • Adi permalink*
      May 23, 2009 4:48 AM

      LOL! Exactly, Twinnie! How many accounts have you lost so far? Half a dozen easily, right? I have been able to survive for about two years without being blocked even once, and that is a massive achievement! I got pinkies several times, though. However, this is the first “warning mail” that I have got. I have always been extra careful. This time, I gave it a full day and waited till the pinkies cleared. I posted in just one thread and put up my blog link in my status 2-3 times and I got the warning message. No pinkies at all! I closed FB immediately and did not even try opening it. Yes, I closed the tab! Did not even sign out! I freaked out when I saw that message! LOL!

  2. July 2, 2009 10:40 AM

    True True and agree. I got disable before and those days are like hell…..

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