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Ads- Cute, Funny, Meaningful and Brilliant!

May 23, 2009

No long post this time. Just a set of ads from YouTube which I thought I could share. There are hundreds of ads and videos that I really like- some cute, some laugh-out-loudy funny, some with very strong social messages, some sarcastic as hell and some for the patriotic message that they convey. Though there are several such videos that I would like to share, I will not put them all up here at once. Just a few. Not the best, I guess, but good ones nevertheless. Please be patient for the entire page to load as there are a few videos that WordPress needs to load from YouTube.

Starting with a cute ad first.

Though there are several ads which are really cute, I like this one because it has a good social message, and I respect that.

The next one is one of the first few sports ads that I saw which made me grin ear-to-ear towards the end.

One of the social awareness/patriotic ads which really made me bow down to the creators was this one. An amazing ad which really did move me. Public service ads like this one are rare. VERY rare. It is in Hindi, and so those of you who do not understand Hindi might not get half of what the ad says. The main chorus line says “You walk and India will walk.” Basically urging the people to lead by example and play their roles as responsible citizens. I can confidently say that this is the most motivational ad that I have seen. And I know many who agree with me on that.

There is also this ad that my friend made for a competition on YouTube, to raise awareness on climate change and the need to stop global warming. 8 more days to go for the end of the competition. Please do rate this particular video on YouTube, and favourite it too. It can help her go a long way in the competition.

And now for some funny stuff.  I leave you with three ads. Like I said earlier, there might be other ads which funnier, but these are just a few to get started. Hope you like them.

The last one, especially, is awesome. I wonder how people come up with such brilliant and hilarious ideas. Anyway, hope you liked all the ads here. These are just a few ads that I felt like sharing at the moment. If you feel there are others that are even better, please do post the links in the comments section for all of us to check them out immediately.

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